Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Election Results

It appears it will be Ryan, Krupp and Kexel for the general election.

I thank everyone who voted for me. Running unopposed, I know that there was no reason to show up and by voting Libertarian you took yourself out of local races like County Clerk, Register of Deeds and District Attorney. Even with all those limitations, around 100 people voted for me. That's great. I did not get totals from the municipalities in Milwaukee County, though. I just could not find the sources for those.

I wish Fox 6 News would have mentioned that Krupp would be running against me, too. With the millions of dollars those two will spend on this race, Fox News could at least throw me a bone with the official announcement tonight. Media sure tries it's best to keep 3rd parties invisible. The Republicans and Democrats get tons of free publicity as it is. Please, contact Fox 6 News, if you think that was not fair.

Thanks again!

Joseph Kexel

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