Thursday, April 15, 2010

Joseph Kexel
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Joseph Kexel Announces His Bid for United States Congress, First District
Joseph Kexel is running for Congress in Wisconsin's first district. He is running as a Libertarian. He hopes to be successful and move America back to the traditional values of limited government.
Kenosha, WI, April 15, 2010 – Joseph Kexel has filed his Declaration of Candidacy for the office of Representative in Congress, First District. The primary position he hopes to promote is that the Constitution must be followed.
Kexel sees the Constitution as the very definition of a government that would support a successful society and people. He believes that through personal liberty every citizen can realize their full potential. Kexel said, “You want to know my platform? It's all here in the U.S. Constitution.”
Another issue important to Kexel is the size of the federal government. He considers Washington a monster devouring the virtue of the American people. “As the federal government takes over, the states and the people become weak, unable to care for themselves.”, he said.
Kexel opposes the Patriot Acts I and II. “FISA is all we need. If, we need more clerks and judges to keep up with the demand, then doing so would be far better than tossing our liberty into the dumpster.” he said.
Joseph Kexel supports the right of every American to be the sovereign owner of their own bodies. He states that this right clearly allows everyone to use any nutritional supplement, herbal remedy or physician of their choice. He continued, “It is hard to separate those activities from the unalienable right of self-ownership. If, we accept that the government has the power to limit access to medical treatments, limit the use of nutritional supplements, suggest treatments or keep detailed records of our medical histories, then we are accepting that the government owns us, body and soul.”
Kexel is eager to unseat the incumbent and work hard for a strong America rooted in personal liberty.
About Joseph Kexel:
Joseph is a lifelong resident of Kenosha minus 10 months early in his marriage to his wife, Julie. They have been married 15 years and have two daughters. Kexel is a self-employed IT consultant.

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