Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Repeal 1913!

Today, I will discuss my platform for my run for Congress. Aside from obeying the Constitution, I believe that 1913 was a disastrous year for our Constitution and I wish to see that year repealed. That one year saw both the 16th and 17th Amendments passed. Those amendments bypassed the state governments in taxation (16th Amendment) and in representation in Congress (17th Amendment).

The states were, in effect, neutered. Without the 16th Amendment, the federal government would only be able to receive income from tariffs and excise taxes. When additional money was required the federal government would have to bill the states apportionately. The states would then need to implement taxation upon their citizens to get their share of federal tax bill. The key part is without the 17th Amendment, the states would be able to nip most spending programs in the bud with their Senators. I believe the states would resist having to be the bad guy taxing people while Uncle Sam wins brownie points with the people by providing handouts.

The states were actually a check on the people. I think the founders understood that the states as sovereign governments would have goals that may not necessarily correlate with federal power grabs or citizens trying to raid the treasury that ultimately the states would be obligated to pay for.

As we look at the system today, we see the population robbed before they even get their paychecks. Uncle Sam gets his before you get yours! Your state then needs to beg the federal government to get the money back that you provided the federal government due to the 16th Amendment. Often the feds use the money like doggie treats to get the states to perform the tricks (actions) they desire from them.

If the 16th and 17th Amendments were not bad enough, we added the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. That act pretty much was Congress giving away their power to manage the money supply to a private group of bankers. That system allows the bankers to invent money out of thin air to lend to the government (National Debt) and private concerns (Housing Bubble). The federal government uses that as a credit card. That line of credit has allowed our government to grow far beyond its means and has indebted every person in the United States to at least $350,000.

My opponents will offer their prescriptions to manage the symptoms of an over-reaching federal government. I offer you the cure to an over-reaching federal government, sovereign states with their Senators back, sovereign individuals not taxed by the IRS and cutting up the federal government's credit card (Terminate the Federal Reserve).

Join me and let's REPEAL 1913!


George Meyers said...

You've got my support on this, Joe.

It is a big project, and it may be difficult. But that doesn't mean that it is OK to not get it done.

We either repeal 1913 or forget constitutional government, freedom and pursuit of happiness.

Joe said...

Yeah man you got my support too. We have to make it happen by hook or by crook. It is really tough project.
Good luck for it

Chesterfield Va mls

Anonymous said...

Some of the things you are aiming for are admirable. What would happen if the Fed had backed off on civil rights? Is that a position that you back politically? I would need to know if the person I was voting for would stand for a state of Georgia that allowed segregation. Please don't fall back on the old, "I don't personally support segregation".