Saturday, September 18, 2010

I hope everyone had a great Constitution Day!

That should be a bigger celebration than it is. The Declaration of Independence is great document that we should celebrate dearly, but the acceptance of the Constitution created a government that would support liberty into to the future. We should have fireworks and parties for Constitution Day as well.

I participated in such a celebration yesterday. I joined a group of people, from children to those in their 70s celebrate the founding documents of our nation. It was a great event and I hope it is the beginning of a long line of celebrations of our Constitution.

The event was well planned. We began with a reading of the Declaration of Independence, which must be considered an important introduction of our nation's Constitution. It clearly stated why we started the journey to become a sovereign nation.

Next, we marched to a park where we read the Bill of Rights, which we know does not create such rights, but simply states that they exist and the federal government must keep their hands off them.

At the next stop in the march, we had a speaker explain separation of powers and shared the importance of the Federalist Papers in understanding the meaning of the Constitution.

We ended up at Milwaukee's War Memorial. We had a great introduction to the Oath Keepers and a great closing speech by Ken Van Doren. Both made it clear it was up to us to see that the Constitution is the law of the land. The Constitution is merely ink on paper. It is "We The People" that make it real. "We the People" must enforce it, even while our government denies its existence.

For those who missed Constitution Day, make it a point to celebrate it next year.

Special thanks to Stacy Kaat for organizing this event. To all who supported her to make it possible, THANK YOU!!!

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