Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kexel for US Senate 2012

Well, we are in another election cycle. My announcement of my 2012 US Senate race was greeted with another sloppy article in my local newspaper. I offered an honest look at my platform and beliefs. What they printed was just the bullet points without the explanations I provided.

I cannot say I am surprised, so I will offer my rebuttal here.

I will start with the phasing out of the Social Security and Medicare. Most importantly, I stated that I thought the federal government had no authority to mandate such programs. The constitutionality of such programs appears to be beyond the understanding of many reporters. I suggested privatization as the means of letting the money go to the individual. Then, the individual decides if it goes to Wall Street or a T-bill. I concluded with the final step of deregulation where the government removes the mandate.

I did agree that environmental laws at the federal level need to be rescinded, but I did make it very clear that such action would provide MORE protection to the property owners for they will be able to demand ZERO pollution on their land instead of whatever the feds allow connected businesses to do to their property. Whoosh! That obviously went clear over the head of the reporter.

Civil rights laws? Yes, the reporter asked that. I suppose that is now liberal media's Rand Paul Maneuver. However, I made it clear that it was government which instated Jim Crow laws and the reporter agreed. I went further and mentioned that it was businesses which were routinely challenging those laws and that civil rights laws are unlikely to be needed today. Simply, racist companies would be destroyed in the marketplace. I added the fact that the federal government may make any requirement on the contracts they offer to bid, but that they had no jurisdiction over private business owners. None of this went into the article.

The reporter then covered, "He opposes the federal income tax and trade regulations." Though I would not argue with that statement, I do not remember answering questions regarding those positions. I feel the reporter put their concepts of libertarianism into my mouth on that one.

Again, I am not surprised at such an article. I am only surprised they dare call it journalism.

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