Friday, August 3, 2012

President Obama? Yes, I built Vikkex!

President Obama's statement that businesses are not built by those who first imagine them and then create them is absurd. A business is more than infrastructure and the education of the creators. A business is a dream executed by people dedicated to success.

I run an IT consulting business. Most of my clients are those I have successfully reached out to and convinced to let me help them. I do not remember any government agent as my wingman during those negotiations.

The rest of my clients are those which were referred to me by my existing satisfied clients. Seems strange that they never mentioned the roads or my 7th grade teacher when they called. They all said that someone we had in common thought I did a great job and told them to call me on the phone.

Either cell phone or land line, those were private sector means of communications that myself and the clients paid for. Government did not make that. Government may have forced its rules upon everyone involved, but government did not punch down the wires or hook up the radio equipment. We the people did.

If you follow Obama's logic, on Christmas Day after you go over the river and through the woods to grandma's house for celebration with her, you didn't do that. Government was the driver of that event. Your love of your family didn't matter. Your determination to get there regardless of the weather didn't matter. The money you spent buying your vehicle, insuring it, maintaining it and fueling it didn't matter. Your skill in navigating 300 roundabouts to successfully get to her house didn't matter. In the end, only that government had a part in the roads mattered. The fact the government paid individuals to make those roads with your money is irrelevant.

It is very clear that Obama has never successfully worked in the private sector. He cannot see how the health care law that has been labeled with his name punishes those who hire people. He cannot see that the IRS with the guilty until proven innocent attitude threatens entrepreneurs and likely scares off many who would like to start a business. He cannot see how government crackdowns on lemonade stands are scarring the next generation of entrepreneurs. He doesn't understand how massive deficits consume capital which would be better used by business people to start or expand their businesses. He, simply, is not a capitalist. He does not embrace the America our founders created.

When the President of the United States demoralizes business people, we all have a serious problem. A problem I hope we correct in November.

By the way, President Obama, I built Vikkex! Yes, I did!

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