Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hello, welcome to my blog. I hope to explain the world through my eyes, so those who are in a position to vote in Wisconsin's 1st District will have a better understanding what I am about.

First, as a libertarian, I believe we must follow our Constitution. It is a wonderful document for freedom, yet we do not embrace it enough. Many of the issues we have today were first faced by our founders. They saw needless wars waged. They worried about theocracies. They were extremely concerned about basic human rights, too.

Understanding that makes the Constitution more clear. They wanted a limited government, big enough to do things like keep the peace domestically or wage war when it cannot be avoided. However, they never conceived a state so intrusive that farmers would need permits to own livestock or having search warrants shown after they kick your door in.

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oldwarrior.wi said...

Good luck on the constitutional thing. Does anyone read it any more?
Go, libertarians. I will be voting for you anyway.