Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank you, everyone!

Unfortunately, taking on an incumbent is very difficult. Yet, I offer my gratitude to all those who voted for me. I beg everyone who voted for me to continue the fight by contacting me at liberty4all@josephkexel.com, ASAP. I am not sure how long the website will be up, so I would like to receive contact information, soon.

We have a lot of work to do resisting the socialism which Obama and Congress will soon be pushing upon us. History is on our side. Socialism always fails for it removes the incentive to work and to produce, leaving no wealth to redistribute. Socialism is a dead end. Only together can we protect liberty. I ask for contact information, so we may continue our efforts to return our nation sound constitutional governance.

I have not decided to run in 2010, yet. Another run will depend on people like yourselves keeping the pressure on in pursuit of liberty. If, there is some support for it, I would likely run, again. Hopefully, with your encouragement, we can scale it up a bit!

I certainly intend to keep my blog going in support of liberty, so check back. This domain will be redirected to my blog, eventually.

Liberty, Peace and Prosperity to all!

Joseph Kexel

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