Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Economic Update

My apologies, I have been busy with forums and client requests.

Here is my latest press release:

Kexel for Congress Press Release

Joseph Kexel
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Kexel Discusses Economic Plan
Joseph Kexel, running as a Libertarian for Representative in Congress of Wisconsin's First District, offers a rebuttal to Ryan and Krupp on economic policy.
Kenosha, WI, October 29, 2008 – Joseph Kexel, Libertarian candidate for Congress of Wisconsin's First District, was disappointed he was not invited to the forum hosted at Carthage College on Tuesday evening. “If, you truly wish to see a diverse set of ideas over economic policy, bring a Libertarian to the table.”, said Kexel.

Kexel has an economic plan for America, that is as simple as it is bold. Kexel continued, “My economic plan is to follow the Constitution. We have been ignoring that important document for far too long. We must get back to sound constitutional governance.”

“Only by reducing the federal government to its correct role in our society, will we be able to reap the economic benefits our constitution guarantees for us. Liberty is a winning solution to our economic woes.”, Kexel said. Kexel sees his plan's huge reduction in federal spending putting real money into the hands of every American, stimulating our economy.

To start, he calls for a tax rebate that does not add to the budget deficit. “I want to see a rebate that is completely offset by permanent budget cuts, so the tax break will be perpetual, boosting our economy forever.”, said Kexel.

Removing the federal government from the markets is a very important part of Kexel's plan. Kexel explained, “We have seen the result of intrusion into the financial markets by our government. It has brought about the near destruction of our economy. The federal government is responsible for most of the credit crisis, for they created the Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which are well known to be at the center of this mess. They, also, refused to rein in the Federal Reserve which led to an inflationary monetary policy. The CRA, the secondary mortgage market and the wild and loose Fed, all managed by our federal government, caused this problem.”

“The free market would have prevented bad loans for banks would have had to live with them, so they would have resisted offering them. With a wise monetary policy, the housing bubble would have been impossible for it would have been starved of the Fed's unlimited credit. We must remove the federal government from our economy. The free market works, if we only let it.”, said Kexel.

“Returning to a limited federal government will force consumers to return to their role as the regulators of business. Businesses do not fear the government, for they know enough lobbying will get them some relief. A smart consumer is the most powerful force in our economy. A smart consumer will not go against his own needs and values. Those smart consumers must be in control of the fruits of their labor, so they may make economic decisions on their own behalf. We must cut spending, pay our debt and eliminate taxes. I want to see tax freedom day pushed back, way back, to January 1st from its current April 23rd date.”, Kexel said.

Kexel concluded, “It really is simple, we return our economy back to the people. We embrace liberty and our constitution. The rest will work itself out as the free market returns to functioning normally, without federal interference. Americans are a strong, industrious people and it is time to get back to work. With liberty and the fruits of our labor, there is no limit to the heights our economy will reach.”

About Joseph Kexel:
When elected, Joseph Kexel will work on getting the federal government back on track as a constitutional republic. The Constitution is the centerpiece of Kexel's campaign.

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