Friday, October 29, 2010

The End of the Road

As everything has a beginning, everything has an end. We are approaching the end of the 2010 election cycle and I wish to thank those who assisted me in my efforts. The Libertarian Party of Southeast Wisconsin members were great. I really have to thank my wife and kids, George Meyers, Daane Hoffman, Anthony DeCubellis, Keith Deschler, Jim Sewell and many others in getting my campaign on the map. I would like to thank both Paul Ryan and John Heckenlively for participating in the process. It was a polite, gentlemanly campaign as the citizens of the First District deserve.

This year we got some good press and some less than good press. I even got an actual sound bite to a few media outlets regarding "tripartisanship". I was actually recognized publicly, so the Libertarians are making a difference. I think our widespread effort that had multiple visible candidates across the first district made things better. I have a feeling that our effort made Chris Wright show up to a forum that he would have otherwise skipped. I feel Daane's campaign made Barca toss up signs "just in case". It is great that every party sees us in their rear view mirrors now!!!

The recent endorsement of Paul Ryan by the Kenosha News is easy to brush aside, but they implied that my campaign was not good enough to be taken seriously. I am insulted by that.

I was invited to 2 forums. I attended both.
Paul Ryan only attended one of those.
I was asked by WPR to do an interview. I obliged.
I was asked by WPT to do a candidate address.
I drove to Madison to do it.
I was asked by WisconsinEye to do an interview.
I drove to Milwaukee to do it.
I was asked by WRJN to do an interview
and take callers questions. I did it.
I spoke with the Kenosha News.
I spoke with the Journal Sentinal
I was asked to respond to many surveys
and I did most of them. Paul Ryan
apparently refuses to answer them.
I was at the Racine County Fair on 3 days
to work the booth, presenting myself
as a candidate.
Using the signs I recycled from the 2008 campaign,
I got some signs out around the 1st District.
Private citizens requested information using the
email address from my website. I replied.
I personally distributed over 2000 pieces literature,
going door to door.
I spoke to all those who wished to discuss
the issues with me.

As I did not seek donations for my campaign, I ended up far below any level which would need to be reported. My campaign was funded by myself, with the exception of a very small unsolicited contribution from a good libertarian friend. It was much less than the amount that I would have had to record any information on it. After the expeditions to Madison and Milwaukee, I spent under $100 for fuel and some simple flyers. I have to say I feel good about my effort. I did everything a candidate should do with the exception of taking millions of dollars of donations and pimping myself like a box of laundry detergent. Of course, area newspapers would have enjoyed the ad money.

My only regret is far too many surveys are Y/N type which do not allow me to put the reasoning behind my responses. If your favorite survey was not completed, it may be that is was the Y/N type. I avoid those unless I know I am in full agreement of that group where little explanation would be needed. It is the NO replies that usually need some room to put my views.

Another situation is where I may not get a survey until it is too late to reply or I just cannot get to it. As the only person in this race with a private sector job, I think I did pretty good.

As a libertarian, I feel that the voters need to do their own research. I must be available to inquiry and I was. I am not required to make apathetic voters excited. I am certain that I am not on the take and I didn't throw mud.

For those who may not have had the time to look up my campaign efforts, I will offer some below.

AAUW Forum

WPR Interview with Ben Merens (Real Player required)

WisconsinEye Interview (Real Player required)

If that is not enough, let Google help you.

Thank you everybody.

Liberty, Peace and Prosperity!

Joseph Kexel
Libertarian Candidate for Wisconsin's First Congressional District

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George Meyers said...

Hi, Joe,

I think many journalists measure the "seriousness" of a campaign by the money spent.

I have a difficult time imagining libertarians out there raising millions of dollars to get people to vote for them. A libertarian runs a different kind of campaign. It is truly a campaign for freedom. Real freedom!

I believe you will find that for people to vote libertarian they are going to have to meet the candidate half way: the libertarian candidate offers his candidacy and freedom — the voter has to find out about that candidate and vote that way.

It's not a one-way flow in which current candidates engage: the candidate makes all the effort, spends all the money, pounds all the information into the voters head, and even drags them to the voting booth.

That's not the way freedom works.

You ran a great campaign.