Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Bailout and Inflation

I would not have voted for the bailout for one simple reason. We have, as a nation, borrowed too much and have severely inflated our monetary system. The bailout plus the sweeteners will demand a $850 billion loan from the Federal Reserve. Without deducting any numbers from anyone's account, they have still robbed America by devaluing the dollar. The banks will be able to loan over $6 trillion once they sell off their bad loans.

We must be clear that continuing on this course will drive the dollar into the toilet. That flushing sound is the US dollar taking the economy with it.

Another real concern is the banks are not going to sell the valuable loans first, they will unload the worst of the worst upon the American people. To believe we will get our money back is naive.

I know by voting no, I would have risked a dramatic downturn in the economy. I would stand by that for I feel the devaluation of the dollar will create a more disabling effect on the economy than any short term credit crisis. It was a choice of taking a sucker punch in the gut today versus taking a bullet to the chest in the future. I truly believe it is that grave of a situation.

Unfortunately, the vote won out and we will have to live with the consequences. I suggest looking for good deals on canned goods and buying in bulk. Your wallet is going to be getting additionally devalued dollars, soon. I recommend everyone view "Money as Debt". You can find it here: http://josephkexel.com/Links.html

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